About the Center for Campus Investigations

Marcy Burstiner founded the Center for Campus Investigations was founded at Humboldt State University in 2007 as a place on the Internet geared to encouraging investigative reporting at the college level. Its mission is to give advice to student journalists and highlight and share investigative projects done by student journalists.

You can find us online at http://campusinvestigations.org

Think about partnering

You don’t have to do an investigation alone. Think about teaming up with your student radio or TV station or other publications or student organizations on campus. Or consider whether your idea for an investigation would be relevant at other colleges and universities. If so, contact their student newspapers and see if they want to partner with you on an investigation. That’s called Distributed Reporting.

Don’t forget the News Angle

Great ideas for investigative stories don’t always involve something new. Sometimes the best investigative stories come about when a reporter decides to expose a long-standing problem that people have chosen to ignore.

But it is difficult to sell an investigative idea to an editor without a news angle. And without a good one, you won’t get good play for your story on your organization’s web site or paper edition.

So as you gather your information keep an eye and ear out for any and all news angles. If someone mentions an upcoming meeting on the topic jot that down. That’s a news angle. If there is a proposed change to legislation in the works, take note. That’s a news angle. When someone gets hired or fired, that can be a news angle.