We should all be Wisconsinites

It seems that the “Wisconsin Idea” involves tough, fact-based journalism. At least18s3mzhbx3kn0jpg that’s the conclusion we came to when we read that a partnership between the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting  has been granted $120,000 over three years to fund student-produced investigative journalism. The money is coming from the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment, which was established  to “foster public engagement and advance the Wisconsin Idea.”

Read more about the program and the project here. 

And go Badgers!

Drill down into the demographics of your area

Check out Census Reporter a great site created from the Knight News Challenge to help journalists use data from the U.S. Census. It gives you ways to search and compare data categories and geographical areas. Best of all, it easily converts the findings into eye-friendly charts and graphics. See what happened when I searched for info on my area — Humboldt County, California. This is just a small piece of what I got back: