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Administration pushes back against Univ. of South Florida student newspaper

In response to persistent reporting by the Crow’s Nest newspaper at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, some members of the administration are proposing that the newspaper be put under the control of the Department of Journalism and Digital Communication, which would like the newspaper to stay independent.

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Do you live in an earthquake region?

Check how safe your classrooms are. This is a good project for a large team. You might look at one building on campus. A science building is a good one because it often houses classes that all students are required to take at one time or another. Divide uImage result for students under desk earthquakep the classrooms among the team members and create a form. You should check these things:

  1. Can a big student easily fit under each desk and is the desk sturdy enough to serve as protection against falling debris or a collapsed wall or ceiling?
  2. Do windows line a wall of the room next to student desks?
  3. Would students be easily able to exit the room in the case of an earthquake?
  4. Is heavy equipment like cameras and projectors safely bolted to walls and ceilings?