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Here’s a great place for story ideas…

Check out the Solutions Story Tracker created by the Solutions Journalism Network. It is an organization dedicated to the production of stories that write about problems without hype or fear mongering or sensationalism. It’s all about writing about problems with the emphasis on solutions.

The story tracker can show you example after example of these types of stories. You might find some stories to replicate in your newsroom.


Summer To Do plan #2

If you attend a public college or university, check to see if your state auditor’s office has done any audits of your school. An audit is an official inspection of financial accounts and sometimes uncovers financial mismanagement, embezzlement or other types of shenanigans. You can find your state auditor’s database online by Googling it. The screenshot below of the website for the more than $350,000 in fraud by the postal services manager. And a search of the word “university” in the California State Auditor’s website turns up a report on how the University of California had systematically been admitting fewer in state high school students in favor of out-of-state students who pay higher tuition.

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Summer Plan To Do List #2

Request budget allocations for student clubs

union.clubsMost colleges and universities have a gazillion student clubs funded by student fees. My undergraduate school, Union College, with only 2200 students has more than 100 student clubs. Penn State, with some 40,000 students, has more than 1,100 clubs. Request a list of allocations from the student government to these clubs. Which ones get the most money? What do they get the money for? Are they required to report the number of members? Do a per capita analysis. Which clubs get the most money per member?