Summer homework: Master advanced Google search

It is amazing how many people don’t know the power of a targeted Google search. Advanced searching with Google isn’t intuitive. But if you figure it out, you can search government or particular business sites for excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations or pdfs. Here’s how.

  1. Throw a search term into the basic Google search box. advanced.google3
  2. When Google gives you its list of links, click the Tools bar and pull down to Advanced Search. advanced.google2.jpg
  3. That will pull up a box that will let you refine your search. And you can limit it to particular domains (.gov, .edu, .com) and particular formats (.pdf, excel, Powerpoint, etc.)

That’s it! I once discovered a Powerpoint presentation a company gave to its shareholders that directly refuted information it gave me.  With a simple advanced Google search you just might find your smoking gun.


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